Our Second Repeat Donation

As I said last year, I expect that our space will be focusing on The Greyson Project for many Novembers to come, because of its roots in our town and in our high school.  This year we made stockings and pillowcases with various themes including Mario, Avengers and Lion King.  Students had fun talking while they worked, about the different themes and their interest in them.  We also saw a big increase in interest in making the perler bead ornaments since they were also within the themes (the students made a ton of ornaments):

The Starry Night ornament was a little outside the scope, but beautiful nonetheless.

It worked really well this year to have this be a truly collaborative project; students might make a stocking, a pillowcase, some ornaments or all of those.  Once we had enough of our items made to fill the 10 bags we had the rest of the parts for (a tree, garland, craft kits, window clings, etc), we invited all 21 students who helped to make it all to a “cocoa and cookies” get together during lunch to put together the bags.  Students partnered up and chose from tables of items to put in each bag, and it was fun to watch them discuss what matched best and what they thought patients would like.  The snacks were fun too, and I think they enjoyed doing it together.



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