Seizing Opportunities to reach more students with Mini Projects

Late last week I was perusing twitter and came across this tweet:jacob

The library assistant, Michelle, is an excellent quilter and has been invaluable with all the projects so far that have involved any sewing.  Papercrafting is my wheelhouse, so I headed to a few craft stores for materials, printed several options for card designs ranging from simple to three dimensional undertakings, and announced our mini project to the staff and students.  We only had two days, as I wanted to get the cards to Jacob in time for the weekend Christmas celebration his family had planned.

We had several students stop by who hadn’t been in before, I think both because of the simplicity of the activity and the multiple connections our students unfortunately have to childhood cancer.  It was wonderful to see them put their unique artistic touches on the cards (the days were a bit of a whirlwind and I didn’t get any photos), ranging from nicely arranged stickers to awesome drawings and hand lettering.

The project had an additional outcome I hadn’t expected but gladly welcomed; at least two students, who knew of the space before but hadn’t shown much interest, seem to have gotten “hooked” – both are now working on dresses for our November feature project.  I plan to look for more mini-projects in the future even though they have to be pulled together quickly.

We probably mailed about 50 cards (I also didn’t count), and great stories have been flooding the internet about how many people have wanted to show Jacob a wonderful last Christmas – I’m glad we could be a small part.

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