The Story of Our Logo

As I’ve worked to build the Make For Good space, I’ve wanted it to be something that is noticed in our library as soon as a person enters, and I’ve also wanted to develop a sort of “brand” for the space and its philosophy so that it becomes a known part of the Berthoud Community and our school feeder system.

Those hopes made me want to have some kind of special logo that is always and only associated with the compassionate makerspace.  I have quite a bit of experience with Photoshop, but I was hoping for something more unique than just well arranged words and possibly a creative commons line drawing.  Berthoud High School’s mascot is a Spartan, so I thought it might be neat to try to incorporate that aspect into the logo as well.

Enter Karina Branson of ConversketchConverSketch Logo with Title_web_dark teal

I became acquainted with Karina for reasons associated with my Philanthropy class and our relationship has blossomed from there to include a few different projects we’ve worked on together for BHS, a couple of which have included the drawing of our spartan.  As we’ve worked together more, I got up the nerve to ask her for a “donation:” would she be willing to draw a logo for the compassionate makerspace for me?  I described what I was hoping for and she graciously agreed.  Her extensive talent made short work of the project, and just a few days later she emailed me this:Logo

I was SO thrilled – the drawing is exactly what I had hoped for.  I plan to solicit the help of an industrial technology student to help me make a laser-engraved sign to hang over the entrance to the space, and I’ve already used the logo to issue our first round of certificates that catalog a students service hours in the space.  I also had another special plan for the logo that I’m really excited about.  I had it turned into two sizes of rubber stamps for us to use to create different sized notes that can be attached to a student’s finished project, meant to connect the students and recipients of our projects in a small way.  This aspect of each project’s completion has already been a hit and one more way to help the students feel the true meaning of what they are doing, in the hope that this kind of activity will become a lifelong activity for our Spartans.



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